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Market Opportunity

Green Bioactives is transforming the discovery, development, and safe bio manufacture of key active molecules for a broad range of industries using sustainable plant production.

There is an increasing global demand for high value natural plant ingredients and sustainable solutions in sourcing these natural products. GBL is well positioned to capitalise on this need, allowing the company to drive rapid growth and generate significant value from a broad range of industries, while enabling customers to meet their sustainability goals.

Current approaches to natural product sourcing are uneconomical, unsustainable, and unreliable. As a result, the market for natural/green chemistry products is very undeveloped.

Green Bioactives has the potential to make natural products at industrial scale using its proprietary plant stem cells/cell cultures technology platform, which offers significant advantages over current natural product sourcing. 

Positive ecological impact by avoiding harvesting rare plants and using less land, water, chemicals and energy


Dependable & flexible – continuous production and independent of seasonality and climate change, and readily scalable to meet demand

Increased yield and lower COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)



$200 billion

This market is potentially worth over $200 billion, with large commercial opportunities in nutraceuticals, traditional medicines, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and other consumer sectors.

Agriculture and Nutrition

  • Crop Science and Crop Protection 

  • Food and Drink

  • Nutraceuticals


In crop protection, plant derived natural product biopesticides are expensive and used on the highest value crops, for example fruits and vegetables. Green Bioactives biomanufacturing process will increase yields, lower COGs and expand the market for plant-derived natural product -based crop protection product.


Healthcare and Wellbeing

  • Traditional medicines

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Personal care and cosmetics


In pharmaceuticals, life-saving chemotherapy medication paclitaxel is isolated from a slow growing yew tree, so sourcing it is an ongoing sustainability concern. Using its biomanufacturing platform, Green Bioactives is able to significantly increase the yield of paclitaxel versus the current manufacturing approach, providing the company with a significant market opportunity.

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