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Our Technology

Our unique proprietary plant cell biomanufacturing platform is capable of identifying, isolating and cultivating plant vascular stem cells for commercial applications, which it then uses to create new solutions that can potentially be manufactured at industrial scale.


Target plant cell isolation

Cell culture and elicitation

Selection +/- bioengineering 

Scale-up +/- GMP

Bio-manufacturing +/- regulatory

Plant Vascular Stem Cells

Plant vascular stem cells (VSCs) have the potential to differentiate into functionally and structurally distinct primary plant tissues. With the appropriate external chemical elicitation, plant vascular stem cells can be cultured to produce target bioactive molecules which are produced naturally in whole plants.


GBL combines significant know how and proprietary IP around the cultivation of plant vascular stem cells, including: 

Unique expertise around the patent-protected isolation and culture of higher-yielding plant vascular stem cells rather than using low-yielding dedifferentiated cells (DDC) (10X to 50X increase)

Proprietary “Yield Boost” genetic procedures to generate and identify the highest yielding plant cell culture lines (2X to 5X increase)

Proprietary identification/exploitation of molecular “gene switches” to further increase natural product yields (2X to 10X increase)

Cultivating Plant VSCs

Using GBL’s platform technology, target plant primary vascular stems cells are dissected from leaf materials from whole plants known to produce the target natural product.


The dissected VSCs are grown on solid media, with the appropriate nutrients and growth hormones to induce their proliferation away from their host plant.


Proliferated VSCs are transferred to and cultured in liquid media for further proliferation and associated scale up.


Unlike dedifferentiated cells, vascular stem cells are not very sensitive to mechanical shear stresses, such as shaking and stirring, in liquid culture, which can compromise oxygen/nutrient circulation and effect dedifferentiated cell growth and yield. Vascular stem cells have multiple, very small vacuoles and as such this cryopreservation effect is minimal, allowing storage at low temperature.


Biomolecule Production

Green Bioactives uniquely blends plant cell isolation and culture, with cell line selection and scale-up, delivering high-performance production lines for commercialisation at scale. 


Plant Cell Line Generation

Green Bioactives is able to apply extensive experience together with the latest scientific advances to generate plant cell lines from target tissues or organs for the commercial scale synthesis of a given plant natural product.


Development and Scale-Up

Process development and scale-up expertise guides the optimisation of bioprocess conditions. This enables Green Bioactives to create robust, competitive and scalable processes to sustainably biomanufacture plant natural products. 


Bioengineering and Genomics

Green Bioactives uniquely combines metabolic engineering, genomics and natural selection, creating proprietary systems for the bio-manufacture of high-quality plant natural products. 


Screen Development and Cell Line Selection

We design tailored product assays, combining classical techniques with cutting-edge metabolic engineering to precisely monitor target biomolecule biosynthesis. These provide a simple, reliable and practical means to identify both high-performing GM and non-GM plant cell production lines.


Product Development

Our expertise and technical capabilities allow us to develop products containing plant natural products according to our customers' specifications. 

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