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Green Bioactives aims to revolutionise plant cell culture and supply the world with sustainable plant bioactive molecules. We aim to achieve this by creating and nurturing positive relationships, with a respect for well-being, together with a strong focus on innovation, dynamism and adaptability. Our most valuable asset is our people, join our team today so we can advance the plant cell culture technology together.



Downstream Process Scientist

Seeking a highly experienced, industry-seasoned, well-motivated and talented scientist, you will have an integral role within a fast-growing GBL production team and will be responsible for developing and leading cell culture-related downstream processing (DSP), with a particular focus on knowledge transfer across workstreams and also developing and formulating processes for the purification of an array of plant-derived molecules.


Analytical / Organic Chemist

Reporting to the Production Lead, you will be responsible for developing product-specific analytical methods and leading the characterisation of materials produced from Green Bioactives cell culture systems. You will also have a key role in developing and implementing processes for the purification of an array of plant-derived biomolecules.

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