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Green Bioactives aims to revolutionise plant cell culture and supply the world with sustainable plant bioactive molecules. We aim to achieve this by creating and nurturing positive relationships, with a respect for well-being, together with a strong focus on innovation, dynamism and adaptability. Our most valuable asset is our people, join our team today so we can advance the plant cell culture technology together.



RA03 Plant Tissue Culture Research Associate

We are looking for a Research Associate to provide technical support in the development of improved plant cell lines and the associated upstream R&D process


General Research Assistant 

We are seeking for a Research Assistant to undertake daily activities to enable our research and production departments



Biomanufacturing/Bioprocessing Lead

seeking to recruit a senior biomanufacturing/bioprocessing professional who has excellent organisation, planning, prioritisation and communication skills to lead the design, establishment and operation of our large-scale plant cell culture-based biomanufacturing operation

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