Pioneering the discovery, development and sustainable production of high-value plant natural products


“At Green Bioactives we work with nature to create sustainable sources of plant biomolecules and extracts to supply the cosmetic, pharma, food and agricultural industries with premium bioactive ingredients”.


Plants are natures principal chemists, capable of producing a vast chemical cornucopia of natural biomolecules to protect themselves, for example, from infection, environmental pollutants and ultra-violet irradiation.

Green Bioactives has developed a sustainable, reliable, economical plant cell-based biomanufacturing platforms of plant biomolecules, utilising natural plant biochemistry
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However, the yield of these biomolecules from plants is typically very low, the relevant plant species or their population might be limiting. Due to their complexity the chemical synthesis of these biomolecules is routinely not economically viable or sustainable.


Therefore, producing sufficient quantities of these natural biomolecules to meet rapidly growing public demand can be problematic.

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These plant biomolecules are the core ingredients in many cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural products.

Transforming the discovery, development and biomanufacturing of safe, sustainable, plant biomolecules.

To become the world’s leading supplier of safe, natural and sustainable plant biomolecules, while employing production processes that help protect and sustain our environment.

We believe our clients' success ensures our success. We strive to achieve these outcomes by creating and nurturing positive customer (and employee) relationships, with a respect for well-being, together with a strong focus on innovation, dynamism and adaptability.

Our history



Green Bioactives Ltd was established through the Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme funded by Innovate UK. In 2018 Green Bioactives Ltd was awarded a place on the ICURe programme to explore the global plant natural products market and identified an urgent requirement for a robust and sustainable source of plant bioactive molecules across different industrial sectors.


Subsequently, Green Bioactives was awarded significant Innovate UK funding to accelerate the development of our plant cell biomanufacturing platform and supply plant bioactive ingredients in a sustainable way.


The company opened its research lab at the Roslin Innovation Centre (RIC) in March 2020. Since then Green Bioactives has been successful in securing further funding and developing new technologies to fine-tune the production of high-value molecules in cultured plant cells.   


Green Bioactives, a Biotech CDMO with aspirations to develop its own product lines

Green Bioactives is an innovative start-up from the University of Edinburgh which utilizes a next-generation plant cell-based biomanufacturing platform to produce biomolecules and cell extracts for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural markets.


The RIC is embedded within the Easter Bush campus of the University of Edinburgh. It is surrounded by the Pentlands Science Park, Edinburgh Technopole, and the Midlothian Biocampus which collectively is one of Europe’s largest biotechnology clusters.

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Green Bioactives provides CDMO services to companies that require a reliable supply of high-value plant biomolecules


2018 ICURe market research


2019 Company formation

  • ICURe Follow on funding awarded

  • Pre-seed investment

  • Innovation Cup runner up

2020 Relocation to the Roslin Innovation Centre

  • BBSRC grant awarded

  • Patent application filed

  • IBioIC grant awarded

  • Collaboration agreement signed


2021 Strengthening of our plant cell biomanufacturing platform

  • IBioIC grant awarded

  • GBL team expanded

  • Participation in Bioeconomy cluster Pitch event


2022 Expansion phase


Company's milestones



Professor Gary Loake
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer
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Dr David McElroy 
Chief Operating Officer
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John Craig
Chief Financial Officer
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Dr Yuan Li
Scientific Director
Dr Samuel Casasola
Operations Director
Dr. Samuel Casasola



Our plant cell biomanufacturing platform combines a number of enabling technologies, know-how and IP which allow us to control de complete process to increase the yield of a target plant molecule. Our workflow ranges from the generation of high-performance cell lines to the exploitation of plants' biochemical pathways and genetic screening to attain significant yield improvements of the products made by these cells. These technologies are applicable for use in a wide variety of plant-based systems.

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01 /
Biomolecule Production

Green Bioactives uniquely blends plant cell isolation and culture, with cell line selection and scale-up, delivering high-performance production lines for commercialisation at scale. 


02 /
Plant Cell Line Generation

Green Bioactives is able to apply extensive experience together with the latest scientific advances to generate plant cell lines from target tissues or organs for the commercial scale synthesis of a given plant natural product.


03 /
Process Development and Scale-Up

Process development and scale-up expertise guides the optimisation of bioprocess conditions. This enables Green Bioactives to create robust, competitive and scalable processes to sustainably biomanufacture plant natural products. 


04 /
Bioengineering and Genomics 

Green Bioactives uniquely combines metabolic engineering, genomics and natural selection, creating proprietary systems for the bio-manufacture of high-quality plant natural products. Our multidisciplinary team blends experience and cutting-edge know-how, delivering all aspects of the development pipeline from project conception through to commercial-scale manufacture, with a focus on yield enhancement.


05 /
Screen Development and Cell Line Selection

We design tailored product assays, combining classical techniques with cutting-edge metabolic engineering to precisely monitor target biomolecule biosynthesis. These provide a simple, reliable and practical means to identify both high-performing GM and non-GM plant cell production lines.


06 /
Product development

Our expertise and technical capabilities allow us to develop products containing plant natural products according to our customers' specifications. 



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Roslin Innovation Centre
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