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Green Bioactives successfully closes pre-seed investment round


Edinburgh, Scotland, 19 May 2022 – Green Bioactives Ltd (‘GBL’), a company pioneering the discovery, development and sustainable production of high-value plant natural products, announces that it has successfully closed its pre-seed investment round, with participation from high-net-worth individuals that are part of Ascension VCs syndicate membership. 

The funds from the investment round will be used for ongoing operations necessary to complete an anticipated seed funding round in Q4 2022. 

Dr David McElroy, Non-executive Director of Green Bioactives, who led the pre-seed fundraising round, said: “It’s great to know that early-stage investors see value in the biomanufacturing platform we’ve developed to enhance the production of plant-derived natural products in an environmentally sustainable and commercially viable manner. We’re looking forward to using these funds to establish the groundwork of our business and prepare for our next round of funding, anticipated in late 2022.”

About Green Bioactives

Green Bioactives ("GBL”) is a world leader in the commercial utilisation of plant vascular stem cells, which has allowed it to create a reliable and economically attractive platform for the sustainable biomanufacturing of plant biomolecules for the cosmetics, pharma, food and agricultural industries. 

GBL’s platform provides much improved and sustainable access to the huge, diverse, and valuable library of bioactives generated by the world’s plant population.

GBL is working with several world leading partners to produce high value bioactives that cannot be produced sustainably or economically using other approaches. The company’s capabilities span initial isolation of the bioactive producing plant cells through to the supply of the final purified product.

GBL’s knowledge of plant vascular stem cells also provides the opportunity for the company to develop novel approaches that address the global need for sustainable, more efficient food production.

GBL was founded in 2020 and is currently based at the Roslin Innovation Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland.



Green Bioactives

David McElroy, Director


MEDiSTRAVA Consulting

David Dible, Eleanor Perkin, Sandi Greenwood

Tel: +44 203 928 6900

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